_ 2020

_ Johnny Whiteley Ball

The outcomes produced for the Johnny Whiteley Celebration Ball portray the spirit of Sportsmanship through putting focus on being a team player. The designs are influenced by Johnny Whiteley’s past as a key member of the Hull FC Rugby Club team. The charities launch was needing a clear display to not only promote and celebrate the new charity and Johnny Whiteley but its sponsors also. The design took influence from the famous black and white strpes of the rugby kit, adapting this to be modern and clear whilst still suggesting a connotation of sport. Typography and negative space have created a structure to give the charity a stronger more recognisable branding through clean, hard and angular lines. Also considering the charities existing logo, creating something which is adaptable and can be continued on with the charity for events and branding in the future.



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graphic designer
leeds arts university
based in leeds / hull

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